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PublicationHere you can read some of the Field Research Reports.

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PublicationSummary of Individual Research.

Rachmad Firdaus

Ima Yudin Rayaningtyas

Bagus D. Rahmanto



Jonh P. G. Lubis's Field Research Report No.12
Jonh P. G. Lubis's Field Research Report No.3456



PublicationPrevious Masters’ Theses (past 5 years only)

Conservation Ecological Study on Adonismultiflora Nishikawa et Ko. Ito, an Endangered Species.

SAITO Daisuke
Landscape Ecological Study on Water Quality Management in the Haji Dam Watershed Area.

TAO Tomoki
Analysis of Forest Ecotope in Central Hiroshima using DEM (digital elevation model)

Conservational Ecological Study of an Endangered Species Nuphar japonicum var. saijoense in the Saijo Basin, Hiroshima Prefecture western Japan.

Pollen Grains Analysis to Determine the Efficiency of Pollinating Insects Using the Direct Genotype Identification Technique.

Pham Duc Uy
Landscape Ecological Study on Urban Green Spaces in Hanoi, Vietnam

Byomkesh Talukder
Landscape Ecological Study of Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Hyon-Jin LEE
Vegetation Planning of Jungnang Stream for Urban River Restotration in Seoul, Korea

Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet
Establishing HCO3-Water Buffering Capacity Chemical -GIS References by Using Ion Exclusion Chromatography in Haji Dam Watershed, Japan

Nguyen Van Quang
Landscape Change and Habitat Suitability Modeling in Hanoi, Vietnam

Shazwin Bte Mat Taib
Household Solid Waste Managemant in Hiroshima City : Scenario Model Considering Implementation in Malaysian Cities

Nguyen Vu Tiep
Factors Influencing Energy Conservation in the Industrial Sector in Hanoi

Duong Van Nam
Study on advanced ion chromatography for monitoring heavy metal cations in industrial wastewater

Study on water quality monitoring of environmental waters by adavanced ion chromatography

KOZAKI Daisuke
Development of Simple and Convenient Water Quality Monitoring Method Using Advanced Ion Chomatography

Below you can view a list of previous Graduate Papers written by the Undergraduate Students of the FIAS (Faculty of the Integrated Arts and Sciences) of Hiroshima University, and the Masters’ Thesis & Doctors’ Dissertation Published by the Postgraduate Students.
Previous Graduation Papers, Masters’ Thesis & Doctors’ Dissertation

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